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NC Bible Drill has something to offer all ages. To begin introducing children to Bible Drill, there is Bible Drills, Thrills, and Skills for 1-3 grade. This helps children to know their Bibles better so they are ready for Children’s Bible Drill.


In NC, children drill in 4-6 grade; and the Bible Drills, Skills and Thrills for 4- 6 grade is used. There are three cycles; green, red, and blue, which rotate yearly for 3 years. Each year a child in Children’s Bible Drill learns 24 verses and the location of 10 key passages of scripture. In addition to knowing all of the books of the Bible and their location, children locate the scripture and step forward to quote the called scripture, within 10 seconds.

After Children’s Bible Drill, there is Youth Bible Drill. Youth Bible Drill is for 7-9 grade. In Youth Bible Drill, young people have only 8 seconds to step forward. They learn 30 scriptures which they must locate and recite. These young people are very quick with their Bibles and handle the scriptures very well.

There is also High School Bible Drill for 10-12 grade and Youth Speaker’s Tournament for 10-12 grade. In High School Bible Drill, young people learn very long portions of scripture and must locate and quote the called scripture within 8 seconds. Youth Speaker’s tournament encourages the public speaking skills of young people and encourages them to make a stand with their beliefs. Young people in Youth Speakers Tournament prepare a speech 4-6 minutes long, and must deliver it without notes. The speech is graded on the written and the spoken.

For Children’s Bible Drill, Youth Bible Drill, High School Bible Drill, and Youth Speaker’s Tournament, there are several levels of drilling. All drillers compete against a standard, beginning with church drill, then association drill, then regional drill. Once drillers reach Youth Drill the highest scorer at the regional level goes to a state finals, where the top scorer wins a scholarship from The NC Baptist State Convention.

Young people learn a lot about the scriptures from NC Bible Drill. Even from the pulpit, pastors even say they notice children and adults who have participated in Bible Drill. These people handle the scriptures very well. How many people do you know who have memorized 75 verses and know the location of 30 passages of scripture? That is exactly the number of verses a child knows the location of, after going through three cycles of Bible Drill. Imagine all the scripture in a person’s head and heart after participating in children’s, youth and high school Bible Drill. God’s word will never come back void!

For more information, please click on the link to North Carolina Bible Drill, and find out how you can be involved in NC Bible Drill. God’s word is truly a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. We need to hide His word in our hearts that we will not sin against Him.

Happy Drilling! Elizabeth Gibbs Cabarrus Baptist Association Bible Drill Leader NC Baptist State Bible Drill Team 


If your church has a Bible Drill Team or if you would like to get more
information on beginning a Bible Drill Team, please contact Elizabeth Gibbs.

Elizabeth Gibbs @chaplaintom@bellsouth.net
Childrens_Bible_Drill_LogoAn exciting plan to develop Bible Skills for  children in grades 4-6
(Also offered for grades 1-3)
Builds on Children’s Bible Drill
to further develop Bible
Skills for Grades 7-9
Encourages young people in
grades 10-12 to be adept
at handling God’s Word
For more information or to register online go to : NC Baptist Bible Drill